Zijn er andere methodes om ‘duurzaam’ te zijn/worden dan met wind-, zonne- of kernenergie?

Op NETFLIX kun je de film ‘Kiss the ground’ vinden. Een documentairefilm….

Documentary Review: Don’t Miss Kiss The Ground

60 years. That’s about how long we have until the world’s remain topsoil is gone. “What we’re looking at is man-made desertification,” said Josh Tickell in his recent keynote speech at Driving Value Through Sustainability Across the Supply Chain. There’s hope, though. Kiss the Ground, the documentary directed and produced by Josh and Rebecca Tickell, with Julian Lennon and Ian Somerhalder as Executive Producers, explores how this crisis can be reversed, explaining that when we regenerate the world’s soils we can stabilize the Earth’s climate, restore local ecosystems, and create abundant food supplies.

Meer info vind je hier:https://kissthegroundmovie.com/


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